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Empty Rosestraat sites has been struggling to contain any function or space, not even mentioning a building since removal of the old railway and construction of the Willemspoor tunnel. Current functions as the Rosepark, Hefpark and parking lot are spaces without its users and are not maintained by “neighborhood eyes”.

This project will examine potential and requirements of building above the tunnel, which is based on the theory of O.M. Ungers- Grossform. 

    Investigation showed a solution, to use underground parking as “huge” beam to span the tunnel and equalize the loads. This allows to make a more contextual building or unit- The Dutch house. The dutch row house complies only partly with the Grossform, I introduce tower buildings in the centre of the blocks. Creating a Archi-technocratic project, Architecture and technology that solves local spatial and urban problems. Architecture as the tool.

    Roseform project not only deals with the local conditions spatially, but also considers contextual materiality. As well how time factor can effect inhabitation, uses and aging of the building. 

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